77 Idea Lab: Lilith Froude

By Hunter Mylek

Who is Lilith Froude?

Lilith is a current student at Grand Valley State University working towards a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing with a minor in Digital Studies. She has previously worked in sales, marketing, and human resources. With a focus on entrepreneurship, her vast knowledge of all aspects of running a company makes her perfect to run the Business Development sector for SmartSeat. Lilith is also a Producer/DJ artist that goes by the stage name “Medvsa”. Because of this, she has a few connections inside the music industry that will help jump-start the company. Her life motto is, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

What is Smart Seat?

SmartSeat Media L.L.C. is an online event ticketing service that utilizes Algorand’s blockchain technology. In doing so, we completely abolish sketchy ticket transactions, exuberant fees, and best of all artists, venues, and organizers make additional money on secondary ticket sales, which has never been heard of before. Our product is simple to use. For any individual buyer looking to buy a ticket, all they have to do is log in, search for a show that is hosted on our site, and buy tickets. There is no hassle of buying or swapping cryptocurrencies on a different website, logging back into our app, and purchasing tickets with algo. A customer can simply purchase tickets through our integrated fiat on-ramps. Here you’ll be able to put in your credit/debit card information or swap for different cryptocurrencies in your wallet and pay. No hassle, no stress, it’s the same as any other ticketing platform. On the other side of things, an organizer can list tickets on our platform for free and set the conditions they wish to have for ticket buyers. They can set price ceilings, whitelist/blacklist accounts, give royalty payouts, and a bunch of other conditions that are not possible on regular online ticketing platforms.

SmartSeat Media L.L.C is in the final stages of creating a full-functioning android application and is taking cautionary steps in order to keep our source code safe and secret. This industry has average barriers to entry. Costs associated with starting this business are relatively low, but brand awareness with pre-existing companies is a struggle many other small ticketing businesses face. This is not a threat to our company, because SmartSeat is revolutionizing the way ticket platforms work. We are not just another ticketing platform, but instead are a platform that is tailored to the wants and needs of the people that matter… The creators

What inspired this idea?

I got this idea from my partner Nick Kalminski. We are both big believers in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We are also music producers and best friends. He told me about this idea he had for business that could stop scalpers. After doing market research I created a business plan in a span of 3-4 months, and decided to give it a try. We are artists creating a ticketing platform for artists. No more scalpers, no more ridiculous ticket fees, blockchain security, and the best part is organizers earn additional revenue on secondary ticket sales.

What do you hope to achieve through 77 Idea lab?

What I hope to gain from GVSU’s 77IdeaLab is help to start and implement a crowdfunding campaign and get help to pitch at competitions and in front of investors. Additionally, getting in cahoots with a solid software development team is a must as my partner needs help pushing his files onto our server, to run our android application. 

If you are interested in joining the 77 Idea lab in the future, all you need is a passion for a problem that is worth solving. The 77 Idea Lab will help develop the idea and business around the problem through one-on-one mentoring, workshops, with a chance to get a $1,000 grant.

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