EXPRESSU: Q&A with Alina Ladewig

By: Hunter Mylek

What made you start ExpressU?

ExpressU is the women’s clothing brand I launched last January. 

What made you start ExpressU?

I’ve always loved clothing but sometimes had a hard time finding the style I wanted. People have always told me I have a good sense of style so I wanted to take that to another level. Not only do I have a love for clothing and fashion, but I also love the business side of owning a brand. I decided this past winter break that I would spend the entire break researching what I need to do to have my own brand. During the school time I’d watch youtube videos on topics ranging from small business startups to clothing styles that are in. I launched my brand January 9th and since then it’s grown so much! I’m so thankful for all of those who have supported my brand and me as I go through this journey.

 Have you always been into fashion?

I have always been into fashion since I was younger. I love putting outfits together because I feel like it makes a statement to who you are.

Alina Featuring a few of her pieces above

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I gather my inspiration from people I see daily, pinterest, influencers on instagram and also in what clothing pieces I like.

What are your goals for the future?

 My goals for the future are to grow my own businesses. It may not be this business but I would love to continue to have a business in the clothing industry. There’s so much that goes behind the scenes, so I also would like to show that more through social media. People don’t realize how much money you lose starting a business but for me it’s more than growth in money it’s more about being able to express my own style through the clothing that I sell. In the near future I hope to create a new collection once more of the summer collection goes out. In the far future I hope I can start screen printing my name brand onto clothing and converting the U in ExpressU to a smiley face logo.

 What makes your business unique? 

Clothing is a hard industry to be in because you can’t patent designs, so anything one person finds or makes can also be made by another. The hardest part isn’t finding unique pieces, instead it’s branding ExpressU into a store that people want to buy from because they like the brand, style and everything we stand for. My business is unique because the pieces I choose to sell on my Shopify website are items that I myself would wear! 

Featuring models wearing ExpressU above

Alina is a student at Grand Valley State University and has a double major in Economics and entrepreneurship, a minor Spanish, with an emphasis in real estate. She is very involved on campus, through school clubs as a promotions officer of Econ club and CMO of CEO club. Click here to see what Alina has planed for ExpressU in the future!

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