77 Idea lab: James Mazure

By: Hunter Mylek

Who is James Mazure?

My name is James Mazure and I’m a sophomore here at GVSU. I’m dual majoring in pursuing
degrees in Marketing with an emphasis on Sales and Finance. I am also an active member of
Alpha Tau Omega. In my free time, I enjoy working on myself and spending time relaxing with
friends. When it’s warm enough you can find me either on a golf course or a boat. Connecting
with the outdoors and appreciating the subtle things in life are very important to me.

What is Pscyence?

My company is called Pscyence, we are focused on helping people achieve their goals while
also implementing healthier habits that will improve their physical and mental health. We plan on
doing this through an app that “nudges” the user throughout their day to complete their tasks, do
meditation and journaling exercises, and other more specialized services engineered to help
achieve their personal goals. We will also have a website where we will have blog posts about
how to properly implement these habits and a collection of reviews on self improvement books
with the appropriate links to buy them. On top of all of that, we have a TikTok filled with content
related to self improvement and overall life tips. Additionally, we are about to launch our
YouTube channel and are looking into branching out into Instagram and Facebook. Lastly, my
business partners are in the process of writing a book accumulating all the knowledge they have
acquired through the combined 8 years of research they have conducted on self improvement,
additionally, they are making a journal that will help implement the tips used in the book.

What inspired your ideas?

Over this past Thanksgiving break, my brother came up to me and explained the business that
he and his roommate had started. Throughout college, both of them had become obsessed with
self improvement and finding the way to maximize their human potential. Upon doing their
individual research on it they became frustrated with how difficult it was to find everything that
they were looking for, if you did not have prior knowledge in what to look up or read then it
seemed impossible to find the right information. So they decided to compile everything that they
had learned into one place with the goal of helping normalize working on yourself. Hearing this I
saw the potential to make an impact on college aged individuals such as myself, helping them
achieve their goals which in part can help their mental health which is something that many of
us struggle with.

What do you hope to achieve through the 77 Idea Lab?

Through the 77 Idea Lab, I hope to gain the knowledge and guidance to help our business be
successful so we can help as many people as possible. Our biggest hurdle right now is getting
enough funding so we can get our app developed, the hope is that through this mentorship we
will be able to establish a strong enough value proposition to reach investors. So far the program has been great, we have learned a lot of relevant information to our business and met many passionate young business owners who help inspire and motivate each other to keep at it and succeed.

If you are interested in joining the 77 Idea Lab in the future all you need is a passion for a problem that is worth solving. The 77 Idea Lab will help develop the idea and business around the problem through one-on-one mentoring, workshops, with a chance to get a $1,000 grant.

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