Entrepreneurial Resources

So, you call yourself an entrepreneur? Great! You’ve come to the right place.

Entreprnr.net is yet another way to connect to everything entrepreneur. The website is an online regional resource with information organized into four sections (capital, incubation, advisory support, and education). Click around. Bookmark it. Visit often.


Capital. Funding. Money and so much more. Capital is the lifeblood of a start-up, because it fuels the growth phase. Capital matters, regardless of your stage in development. So whether you’re just getting started or ready to launch, capital helps catapult your venture to the next level. Whether you need staffing, equipment, real estate, services or other resources, tap into local regional funding.



To develop your ideas, give them form and make them grow, you need an ideal environment. West Michigan has a plethora of places where entrepreneurs can practice their craft-from co-working, to office space, to high-tech incubators and accelerators. The variety of facilities and locations gives you the opportunity to take advantage of industry-specific equipment and business services, with the potential for significant cost savings.


Advisory Support

Are all entrepreneurs alike? We don’t think so. The person developing a new venture-backed thingamajig doesn’t have the same needs as someone who’s growing a start-up on their own. But they both need solid and well-vetted business plans, the right connections, and sound advice. Learn about the services that are available, and lock into those that meet your needs.



Great entrepreneurs learn something new every day. Start today, right here. Explore resources for education and training, expand your knowledge base, read what the experts are thinking. Go after information that will empower you to achieve your desired outcome. These resources are updated frequently, so there’s always something new for you here.


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