Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper

Major: Marketing & Management


Year: Junior


Hometown: Gaylord, MI


What are you involved in at GVSU?
CEO, Fiji, Greek Intervarsity, and Student Senate.


What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
“Entrepreneurship is so much more than just trying to make a few quick bucks.  It is an alternate way of looking at life’s pains.  Rather than accepting the status quo, it is following your passions to challenge reality, and hopefully make some money while you’re at it.”
Are you currently working on any ideas of your own?
“Yes!  I’m working on alternative energy company called AlternaTree & a small coffee roasting company.”


What entrepreneur do you admire most and why?
“Josh Kent.  He is a GVSU grad and he created one of the largest screen printing companies in the world called Sun Frog Shirts.”


If you had one piece of advice to other student entrepreneurs, what would it be?
“Always surround yourself with people who are better at what you do than you are.”
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