High Growth: Mutually Human

Technology is meaningless without people to use it. The partners of Mutually Human Software recognized this and designed a software development firm that tailors its services to the people who use technology. Since 2006, founding partner and CEO John Hwang, along with partners Mark Van Holstyn and Zach Dennis, have asserted their software strategy and design consultancy in the competitive software market. Thanks to a common philosophy, user experience and compatibility is the primary design imperative and the resulting technologies inspired by Mutually Human become ‘ergonomically comfortable’.

Mutually Human operates within a development methodology known as agile software development, where teamwork, collaboration and flexibility are crucial to end-user success. This strategy provides a unique opportunity for talent development since co-workers continually alter tasks, reassign duties and to a unique and effective working model under the structured deliverables of the original concept. Incoming projects often start with a story-mapping session in the open environment of their Hall Street office. Sticky notes will litter the wall space as teams of developers turn ideas into feasible products.

Named to the 2011 class of the 50 Michigan Companies To Watch list, Mutually Human’s team has seen many returns for their efforts in the last five years. CEO John Hwang’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled him to the semifinal round of the 2011 Michigan and Northeast Ohio Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. In the last three years, the young firm has boosted 60% revenue growth.

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