Internships Available 01/02/12


. . . Looking for an internship?

Reenie Rose Reenie Rose is a unique business in the wedding industry that is working its way into becoming a regular part of wedding planning. Artist/business owner, Loreen, creates paintings of bridal bouquets as a memorable gift to a couple’s wedding day. Reenie Rose is in need of someone with enthusiasm for this business idea and an eagerness to see it grow. Knowledge of Reenie Rose is still growing, so there is a lot of room to expand and benefit an intern’s portfolio/resume.

This internship opens the door to opportunities in creativity, weddings and business management.Reenie Rose is looking for a public relations/marketing intern that has an interest in the arts and wedding industry. The internship is an unpaid position working part-time in the West Loop of Chicago.Responsibilities-Constantly look for media opportunities to get us mentioned in the press/blogs weekly. Vendor, blog/internet and event research-Contact vendors and blogs to inform them of Reenie Rose and setup meetings
-Database entry and organization
-Putting together promotional materials
-Update social media accounts
-Research additional marketing and p.r. opportunities
-Prepare press releases
-Potentially attend events to promote Reenie Rose
-Contribute to the Reenie Rose BlogSkills & Experience-Marketing, business, p.r., communications degree
-Junior/Senior level standing
-Superb writing and communication skills
-Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator a plus
-Graphic design and web design skills a plus

Blendon Pines Gun Club Blendon Pines Gun Club is a startup sporting clays and archery center.  We have a 12 station, 50 round, sporting clays course.  We have the largest indoor archery center around, plus a 30 station, outdoor, 3D archery course!  We also have 5 stand shooting, and wobble trap!We are looking for paid interns to help with website design, accounting, and some marketing.  Interns will be involved in some really important work, as we are only 2 people and have a lot of work to do.
Verify Valid  Verify Valid is the way you will write checks in the future.  Via email.  VV is actively working with GVSU to pilot an email-check program, of which an intern would be a part.While there is a wide range of company/start-up activities we would expose an intern to there are three main areas where we see an intern spending the bulk of their time (more or less in one area or another based on background/experience, skills, etc.).The first is in the area of user experience and design by being a “typical user” and helping to recruit and coordinate other “typical users” from within the student population. The second is in the area of market and customer research. The third is coordination of activities and communication with GVSU, across multiple departments and functions, for executing our additional phases of the pilot program.While we see these as the three most likely areas of focus and work, we may adjust as circumstances evolve (typical start-up stuff…be adaptive and responsive to new information and customer needs).
FaxJax         FaxJax ties the online world with offline products in a new way, enabling sellers to market their products online and offline.We are looking for a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist to assist in developing, sourcing and implementing affiliate programs, as well as driving on-line communications to increase market penetration, brand recognition and sales development. Individual/s will focus on the development, implementation, and optimization of online lead generation campaigns, including SEO, PPC and Social Media.Role and ResponsibilitiesThe Digital Marketing Specialist will be part of the planning, execution and management of our online marketing plan. The person/s selected for this position will be asked to provide actionable strategies and suggestions to build sales through Internet Marketing channels, including, but not exclusive to press releases, research and development of influential blogger relationships, on-line media and e-commerce relationships, paid and natural search optimization, affiliate channel development, and emerging channels such as video and social media.

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