Letter from the Director

Photo Credt: David Chandler

The word “culture” can be traced back to the Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero who used the term cultura animi–the cultivation of the soul–as an agricultural metaphor for spiritual development and enrichment. Although “culture” now has many meanings, Cicero’s original use still resonates with us at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

We see an entrepreneurial spirit and culture in West Michigan that’s growing and thriving. It’s a positive culture where new ideas are the seeds of innovation, and where entrepreneurs are turning those ideas into viable business opportunities. It’s a healthy culture that grows entrepreneurial thinking and adapts to change. It’s an enlightened culture that understands the importance of diversity in business and all walks of life.

It’s our mission at CEI to be part of this culture–to embrace, support, and promote it. Taking a cue from Cicero, we see ourselves cultivating the soul of entrepreneurship in West Michigan. The content in this issue of NEU is an example of how we’re doing this. We hope you enjoy it.


J. Kevin McCurren
Executive Director
Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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