5 tips from GVSU alum, business owner Jermale Eddie


By Kayla Sosa

Jermale Eddie is a GVSU graduate and owner of Malamiah Juice Bar in downtown Grand Rapids. The family business began in 2012 with Eddie’s interest in juicing and then his wife, Anissa Eddie’s, idea to start a juice bar. Malamiah Juice Bar, named after the couple’s three sons, was housed at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market until recently, when the business moved into the new Studio Park in central downtown. 

As juice bar owner and speaker, business coach and business consultant for his personal business, JE Speaks, Eddie had five tips for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. 


  1. You can’t compete or win a race, if you never leave the starting line. You have to get your product or service out there and tweak it along the way.


  1. The brand of your product and/or service should be in-line with your personal brand. Know who you are!


  1. Surround yourself with individuals who want to see you succeed. These individuals should be those who will listen and advise you, not just say “yes” to all of your ideas. 


  1. Do not forget the community! Get involved and be involved with the community (donate time, money, knowledge and other resources).


  1. Be light to every person and/or environment in which you find yourself. Those people and/or places should be a little brighter because YOU were there.


Learn more about the business and shop products at malamiahjuicebar.com. 

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