77 Idea Lab: Andrew Bussey

By: Hunter Mylek

Who is Andrew Bussey ?

I’m in my sixth year at GVSU and am a Senior at Grand Valley studying Finance. I grew up in Saint Joseph, Michigan. I am 23 years old and live in Eastown Grand Rapids. I was a member of the GVSU ski team for 4 years and was previously an accounting major with a tax internship, but I didn’t think that field was a good fit for me. I am the President of a new student organization at Grand Valley called Lakers Feed Families which was created because of my business idea Better Tomorrow Foods. 

What is Better Tomorrow Foods?

Better Tomorrow Foods will provide the opportunity to buy healthy prepared meals at schools in low-income communities at an affordable price to finally give food insecure families a better option for how to feed their loved ones. 

What inspired your idea?

My idea was inspired by my research into food deserts and the links between nutrition and IQ. Many communities in the US do not have easy access to grocery stores or fresh foods and I needed to find a way to reach these communities in an affordable way. As for nutrition and IQ, I realized what many have before me that if we don’t nourish the next generation and give them the opportunity to grow their minds we will end up with a population of underperforming individuals. 

What do you hope to achieve through 77 Idea Lab?

I hope that my time in the 77 Idea Lab will help me grow my abilities as an entrepreneur and help me to discover how to handle my personal strengths and weaknesses. I also look forward to working with mentors and experienced individuals that can accelerate my business’s growth. 

If you are interested in joining the 77 Idea Lab in the future all you need is a passion for a problem that is worth solving. The 77 Idea Lab will help develop the idea and business around the problem through one-on-one mentoring, workshops, with a chance to get a $1,000 grant.

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