Second Dance: Q&A Stephanie Howard

By: Hunter Mylek

Q: You started your business when you were still in your teens. What made you want to become an entrepreneur at such a young age? 

A: I have always been very ambitious and saw a need in the community when nobody would take my prom dresses. I thought to myself, “Why is there not a place to resell something that was worn once, what a waste! ” I thought there had to be a consignment store to specifically specialize in formal dresses because they are so delicate. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career and wanted to take a leap! I’m glad I did. 

Q: Can you tell us more about Second Dance?

A: Second Dance is a consignment store that specializes in pre-loved formalwear. We also have new dresses as well!  We have a huge selection. There is something for everyone. 

Q: Why do you feel it is important to shop secondhand?

A: By now I’m sure most people know the negative effects fashion, especially fast fashion, has on the environment. What shook me to my core was knowing all of these prom and wedding dresses were stored in a closet to collect dust after being worn for a few hours. I wanted to help the planet, and the community, and change people’s mindsets on a “used dress’. “In America alone, the average person throws away around 81 pounds (37kg) of clothing yearly. This leads to a staggering 85% of textiles produced in the country ending up in landfills or being burned. While we are constantly coming up with new, innovative technologies to recycle textiles, we are still not doing enough. IGINI, MARTINA” 11 Fast Fashion Facts You Might Not Know.” Climate change, pollution,, 21 June 2022.

Q: What is the best part about being in this industry?

A: I get to be part of people’s special day. The most rewarding moment for me is seeing people tag us in their gowns on their special day and see everything come together. 

Q: What are some hurdles you had to overcome during your business journey?

A: Staying confident in your dream and not letting other people bring you down. I am a sensitive person and in the beginning, it was really hard to set boundaries. Over time, I learned to maintain a healthy balance and it wasn’t easy but I’m happy with how far I have come. 

Q: What advice do you have for other aspiring young entrepreneurs?  

A: If you know you are good at something don’t doubt yourself. Don’t be afraid of failure because it will only hold you back. Stay strong and know good things take time. I never thought my store would grow to what it is today as it happened so slowly. 

To learn more about Second Dance visit the website today!

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