77 Idea Lab: Jowei Yek

By: Hunter Mylek

Who is Jowei Yek?

Jowei is an international student from Malaysia who is pursuing his master’s degree in Social Innovation and Business Administration. He is also the Graduate Assistant at the GVSU Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

What is Sudougu?

Sudougu is a vegan, Asian fast food restaurant that specializes in crave-worthy Asian street food with the goal of changing the narrative about a plant-based diet.

What inspired your ideas?

Jowei has always had a passion for feeding people around him with wholesome food, owning a restaurant for him was simply a matter of time. Soon after becoming vegan, Jowei realized that a lot of his fears and doubt about eating and making vegan food were just common misconceptions. He quickly discovered creative ways to craft and enjoy delicious food that was healthier for him and better for the environment. Now, he wants to share these flavors with Grand Rapidians in an accessible and affordable way.

What do you hope to achieve through 77 Idea Lab?

I wish to learn more about the art of entrepreneurship above all else. It has been a subject of interest of mine but I never thought I would be able to nurture that interest, especially in school. I also want to spend some time doing market research and exchanging ideas with other 77’ers to see how this business idea can improve and become a reality.  

If you are interested in joining the 77 Idea lab in the future all you need is a passion for a problem that is worth solving. The 77 Idea Lab will help develop the idea and business around the problem through one-on-one mentoring, workshops, with a chance to get a $1,000 grant.

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