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Graphic recording: what it is, who does it and how to utilize it

What it is:

Graphic recording (also referred to as graphic facilitation or visual note taking) is the rendering of conversation, key points and ideation into images. The end result can be used across multiple mediums to visually communicate what was discussed in an effective way. Why is this beneficial?

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Eating with a Purpose

“There were times in my life where I would open the fridge and there would be nothing,” Jonathan Kumar said. “You never really forget what that’s like.”

Kumar is the founder of Food Circles, an app that connects citizens, businesses, nonprofits and those in need to address hunger in the community through a “Buy One, Feed One” model. Through the Food Circles website or app, diners can purchase food vouchers for local restaurants and 100% of their purchase is donated to feed the hungry, or is put towards the nonprofit of their choice.

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The Makerspace in Action

GR Makers

The Makerspace in Action

by Grayson Deyoung

GR MAKERS’ function is quite telling by its title; it is a makerspace located downtown Grand Rapids that offers a place for individuals to get their hands dirty and build something.The space thrives from its 70­ plus members and community ­centered integration. “GR Makers has always been about a sense of community and helping each other,” said co­founder Casey DuBois.